Everything is in good order.

Everyone got up to leave.

I opened his shaggy safe with my leather key.


Japan imports raw materials from China and exports finished products to it.


Esperanto is spoken all over the world.

The growth of online shopping and booking has greatly improved life for the consumers.

I'll be in the office.

It amounts to remaining silent and accepting his requirements if nobody wants to be dismissed.

Cory is very good-hearted.


Swim across to the other side of the river.


The capital for this plan was prepared.


Ric is still trying to get here by 2:30.

In the name of the moon, we'll punish you!

He was hit by a falling rock and died instantly.


They haven't fixed a date for their wedding yet.

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You would've liked it.

Have you met Nelken yet?

These kitchen countertops are 36 inches wide.

Our garden was full of weeds.

Ugh. I'm so not looking forward to today.

We're popular.


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There are dozens of trees in the garden.

Her composition is very good except for two or three spelling errors.

They pay you well.

Do it quickly.

The rock band thrashed the hotel room.

Alive or dead, I'll always love you.

The man who makes but one mistake a year because he makes but two decisions is wrong fifty per cent of the time.

He thought he was smart, but he didn't realize that he fell in my trap.

He spoke with a typical Texan drawl.

How long should I microwave this?

These men are strong.


Tommy forgot to lock his car.


Remember to flush the toilet.


I don't know the name of the birds that were singing such a merry song.

Are you going to ask me or not?

Omar told me I didn't need to worry about paying.

We went to the zoo.

I'll never stop.

Masanao can fix just about anything.

They must have seen us.

Del has just bought a new computer.

The mind is the king and the mind is the subject.

Sundaresan is the best man for the job.

She passed the exam.

You should stop doing that.

Where's the nearest supermarket?

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Rolfe hid his worries from his wife.

I didn't volunteer.

I goofed!


Are you still afraid something might happen?

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Oh well.


I'm talking about her.

I'm glad to see that you're studying harder than you used to.

Everyone has a life.

I only read the first three chapters.

Go back to where you belong.

The man sees what he thinks is a young girl.

It took him his entire life to complete his chef d'oeuvre.

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I know nothing yet.

Tell me everything about you.

The ham arrived.

What's the matter with them?

If even she can't get a perfect score on the exam, then how will you be able to?

Is Pierre a suspect?

Harold patted himself on the back.


When you love someone, you'll do anything to make that person happy.


I don't think that's what Murthy meant at all.

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I'll answer all your questions.

Santa doesn't have enough money yet to buy the car he wants.

It's still private.

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I'd like a chance to learn more.


This could take hours.

Hartmann is an anti-Semite.

Child pornography is illegal in most countries, but Saeb wants me to make up sentences about it.

You may be seated.

Floyd always wants to do everything by himself.


I've learnt nothing from the teacher.

Now that you know what the problem is, how long do you think it'll take to fix it?

Bea let the dog out.

Donal had lots of fun at the party.

My idleness will become my doom.

She doesn't know how to cook.

Is the shop close?


Open the safe.


Those tribes inhabit the desert all year round.

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It's really happening.

If you travel in China, it is best to go with a guide.

The king should not speak that way.

I hate that so much.

I put away 10 dollars each month.

I told you it wouldn't cost all that much.

We're getting what we deserve.


Tennis is difficult. I never know which way the ball is going to fly.

It's about three kilometers up the road.

I don't think it's Michelle who's the problem.

There's very little money coming in at present.

It might not have been Ravi's fault.

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He speaks Arabic.


Do you know why Daryl came here today?

I went twice.

She'll rip my head off.

Leads is good at bargaining the price down.

How long can we hold out against the superior enemy attacks?


Thank you for caring.

Such plant can be found in Brazil only.

I have a friend who cuts his own hair.

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Yoshida, don't stress.

How did you understand it was Fay?

Believe it or not, there are people who like these stuff.

I don't want him there.

Do you remember when you last saw Amedeo?

A fire broke out near my house.

I was a fool.

You know the one I'm talking about, right?

Look! There's a cat in the kitchen.

Bart believes that Ramadoss made a big mistake when she sold her father's Stradivarius.

I really appreciated your help yesterday afternoon.

"I have many things for sale." "What kind of things?"

His first great work was created when he was involved with the guerillas.

He is our next door neighbor.

Japanese seem to prefer picking a marriage partner as much like themselves as possible, finding a job that provides security and slow but steady advancement, and putting money in the bank.

To write a love letter in English is not easy.

I smell something rotten.

Jiri put his books in his locker.

He works as a teacher, but actually he is a spy.

I think Miles is pulling your leg.

Did you think I came here just to pass the time of day?

Price sat down on the edge of the bed.

If everything goes according to plan, I should be back home again tomorrow night.

Shut the window.

Albert told me I should leave.

Linley had a black scarf around her neck.

I have finally regained my regular form.

I don't think you need that much money to buy what you need.

Tarmi submitted a list of topics for possible inclusion on the agenda for the annual general meeting.

Let's go somewhere quiet so we can talk.

The sign "&" stands for "and".


Amir promised to return before 2:30.


They knew what friendship is worth and cherished it like the apples of their eyes.


The exam was very easy.

What you do with them is up to you.

I'll visit you in jail.

The ticket is valid for one week.

It's the living image of your grandfather.

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What a pretty girl!


Dan had a string of tickets for speeding.

Slowly, the leaves are falling.

That's the help we need.

I've asked him to help us.

Edith and Ji fell in love with each other at first sight.

I went to the station to see my brother off.

The police thoroughly searched the house.

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Could you make out what he was saying?

Vincent was mugged on her way home.

I don't drink that without sugar.


Roxie bandaged Jennifer's hand.


When yelling doesn't work, yell louder!


Have you ever shaken hands with the President?